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Most golfer’s bodies aren’t physically suited for playing golf. Modern living means people are generally stiff, unstable and de-conditioned. To get the most out of your game you need to be athletic to be consistent and prevent injury.

The “Fit to a Tee” Golf Conditioning Program has been developed in consultation with golf and fitness Industry professionals from Australia and USA to help you get the most out of your game. Our program includes the following:

  • 20 point Golf Fitness Screening
  • Corrective Exercise Program
  • Mobility and Partner Stretching
  • Core Stability
  • Functional Golf Strength and Power Training

Power Plate Golf


Over this past year, I have begun to address my fitness level and physical imbalances. This has directly led to better performance and higher finishes. The Power Plate® (similar to a VibroGym) has become an important part of my transformation. I own a Power Plate® and recommend it to anyone serious about improving their game.

Rory Sabbatini, PGA TOUR professional (4-time PGA TOUR winner)

Introducing the Power Plate® (similar to a VibroGym) into my training schedule has had a significant and hugely positive impact. I love the versatility it offers; from stretching, strength and flexibility, to massage and relaxation, exercising on a Power Plate® has added an exciting new dimension to my training programme.

Nick Dougherty, European Tour

You only need to look at players like Tiger Woods and Adam Scott to realise they are indeed very fit athletes. Have a look below at a day in the life of Tiger Woods (no wonder he’s No. 1).630am – 1 hour of cardio exercise

730am 1 hour of lower body weights
900am 2 hours on the driving range
1100am Putting practise
1200am Play 9 holes
200pm 3-4 hours on the golf course
630pm 30 minutes of upper body weights

Now we’d all love to have the whole day to practise, but we don’t. The “Fit to a Tee” Golf Conditioning program is effective and time efficient – it only takes 2 hours per week.

One of the most important factors in my teaching method is POSTURE. A good posture at set up, and being able to maintain posture in the golf swing. Vibrabody training helps my students develop good posture and the strength and flexibility to maintain this posture during the swing.

Craig Roberts (World Golf Teachers Fed Top 60 Coach 2006)

As a strength and conditioning coach on the PGA Tour, I train top ranked golfers including Phil Mickelson and the Power Plate is an integral part of my training programs. The benefits provided by Acceleration Training from he Power Plate for the golf swing are vast. I found it to provide immediate benefit in the areas of flexibility, balance, strength and power relative to the biomechanics of the golf swing. I would recommend this piece of equipment to anyone looking to improve their golf.

Sean Cochran, PGA Strength Coach

Within a month of training with us you’ll notice positive changes in your game

  • Driving 30 metres extra
  • Clearing the bunkers
  • Play pain free




  • European Tour Member since 1996
  • British Open T4 (1997)
  • BC-CA Golf Open 1st (2007)
  • Dubai Desert Classic 1st (1997)
  • Australian Masters 1st (2004)



  • World Golf Teachers Fed Top 60 Coach 2006
  • WGTF Master Teaching Pro Level IV Member
  • GEGAS Licensed Instructor
  • Golftec Golf Coach

TRENT HARRIS (myotherapist)

  • Registered Myotherapist
  • Golf Fitness Coach (Titleist Performance Institute)
  • Tertiary lecturer in the fitness industry
  • Operates Bayside Myotherapy (Elwood)

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