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Tatiana Gregorieva, Olympic & Commonwealth Games Silver medalist

An ingenious piece of equipment, which has lots of benefits with its proven research. The most impressive piece of equipment I have seen for a long time. I really enjoyed using this piece of equipment. In fact I didn’t want to get off!’

Sarah Carrigan, Olympic Road Cyclist

I have enjoyed considerable benefits using vibrogym and this combined with enhanced recovery will power me towards Beijing gold in 2008…it is the ultimate ‘secret’ weapon.

Lydia Lasilla, Gold Medalist Winter Olympic Games Ariel Skier

I used the vibrogym before knee surgery and found that it really complimented the weights and cardiovascular training that I was doing in gym. I’ve used VigroGym after a work out in the gym, to do balance and rehabilitation exercises for my knee as well core stability and of course, for cool down and massage.

In terms of a workout, I find that you can really increase the intensity to make the exercise session quite challenging and a great workout. The great thing about VibroGym is that I always feel really light and energised after a session on the VibroGym rather than heavy a lethargic….like I do after a regular gym session.

Kate, mother of 3

Vibrabody has been the best thing since having my baby.
It’s helped build up my core strength again and my ‘baby tummy’ has almost gone.

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